Alcohol and Spirits by GrapSud





guillemet A rigorous selection for our range of Alcohol & Spirits. guillemet


GRAP'SUD is strategically located at the heart of the French vineyards benefiting from a wide collection area. Thanks to a control over the raw material, GRAP'SUD produces alcohol from grape marc, lees and wine all through the year. This historical activity, launched in 1914 in the GRAP'SUD distilleries, consists in repurposing alcohol that comes from winemaking by-products: neutral alcohol from vinous origin for oenology, a wide range of brandies and wine distillates through our traditional range of marc and lees alcohol. 


In this continuity, a range of white bottled alcohol was launched in 2014 with our new brand La Grappe de Montpellier: Vodka, Gin and Anisette. In that quest for innovation, GRAP'SUD continues to explore the other richness from grape. 


Fully integrated in the circular economy, GRAP'SUD also manufactures alcohol for biofuel - 2nd generation fuel.