Animal Nutrition Solutions by GrapSud




guillemet A tailored range of polyphenols designed for the performance and the animal well-being. guillemet



Located on the main agricultural territories of Western Europe, the GRAP'SUD Group offers a 20-years expertise in the purification and extraction of phenolic compounds that result from: 


  • a diversified and controlled sourcing, 
  • an efficient R&D Department which joined an international network specialized in polyphenols research,  
  • a permanent view on scientific and bibliographic evolutions, 
  • a team of engineers that drives a flexible industrial facility with a high production capacity. 


These skills and control allow us to offer polyphenols adapted and adaptable to your applications in relation to the following targets: 

Animal nutrition process by GrapSud


GRAP'SUD can be your partner to accompany you in the development of supplements and others compounds that aim at improving breeding performance as well as the animal well-being (feed & pet food). 



Our extracts exGrape® POLYPHENOLS and our extracts Olivex® are standardized in polyphenols. They are more or less purified to meet the needs of the breeder different problematics. 



Our extracts are mainly coming from France. They are extracted from grape marc, grape seeds, grape juice and olive. Our know-how on the extraction processes enables us to preserve all the active principles of our polyphenols and guarantee  100% origin extracts. 



Our extracts are used to meet the following needs: 

applications for animal nutrition by Grapsud



Our R&D team keeps working on other issues to go ever further in the performance and the animal well-being. 


  • Antioxidant capacity


% inhibition rate by GrapSud



  • Anti free radical action


Anti free radical action by GrapSud


  • 25kg cardboard box
  • Also available in big-bag 200-250 kg



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