Nutritis by GrapSud

Fruit juice concentrates: date and grape 


GRAP'SUD, throughout its brand NUTRITIS, manufactures and sells fruit juice concentrates. Coming exclusively from fruits, our clean label solutions are GMO free, without allergens nor gluten. 

What are the main benefits of the NUTRITIS fruit juice concentrates?  Nutritis France Groupe GrapSud


Clean label

Fruit juice concentrate


Positive communication around fruit image

"100% coming from fruits", "without added sucrose".


A natural bulking agent to reduce sugars content

It optimises the cost of your recipe thanks to a reduction of the sugars quantity without altering the texture and the sweetened flavour of the end product. 


Low Glycemic Index

Blood sugar regulation through an assimilation and a slow energy release what avoid drained feeling and craving. 


Since January 2016, NUTRITIS has its own Application Laboratory to accompany and advice its customers on each specific project. 



FructiSense Original



The original fruit taste, colour and flavour. FructiSense® Original offers two products:

- FructiSense® Original Date : Date juice concentrate 

- FructiSense® Original Grape : White grape juice concentrate

Fruit juice concentrate applications

Our Date juice concentrate is obtained by a low temperature date diffusion process to preserve the organoleptic fruit properties. Ultrafiltrated, it is perfectly limpid. 


The white grape juice concentrate is obtained from a rigorous grape selection. After filtration, it is concentrated to ensure a microbiological stability and preserve all the flavour and taste characteristics. 


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