Nutritis by GrapSud

Fruit sugars: apple, date and grape



GRAP'SUD manufactures and sells natural sweetening solutions exlusively coming from fruits throughout its brand NUTRITIS. After industrial trails, GRAP'SUD has developped a range of tailored natural fruit sugars, colourless and flavourless from Apple, Date and Grape. 


Our ranges and applications coming 100% from fruits, 100% natural. What are the advantages of NUTRITIS fruit sugars? 

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"100% coming from fruits", "without added sucrose".


A natural bulking agent to reduce sugars content

It optimises the cost of your recipe thanks to a reduction of the sugars quantity without altering the texture and the sweetened flavour of the end product. 


Low Glycemic Index

Blood sugar regulation through an assimilation and a slow energy release what avoid drained feeling and craving.  


Since January 2016, NUTRITIS has its own Application Laboratory to accompany and advice its customers on each specific project. 



FructiSweet original Nutritis product

the range FructiSweet® Original offers colourless and flavourless juice concentrates: 

  • FructiSweet® Original Apple : rectified Apple juice concentrate
  • FructiSweet® Original Date : rectified Date juice concentrate
  • FructiSweet® Original Grape : rectified Grape juice concentrate (Organic version available).


FructiSweet® Original guarantees the origin of one single fruit and preserves the glucidic composition of the fruit. 


Packaging labelling examples: 

- 100% coming from Dates

- 100% coming from Apples

- 100% coming from Grape 



FructiSweet by GrapSud

Prices stability, tailored products and a standardized fructose/glucose ratio are the major points of differenciation of the  FructiSweet® range. It offers natural fruit sugars blends (apple, date and grape) with a strong sweetening power, a low glycemic index without sucrose. 

Fruit Sugar applications


The range FructiSweet® is also available in Organic version. 


Focus onFructiSweet® 95 - ingredient with the lowest glycemic index on the market. 


Clinical studies led on mouses and human cohort have stressed the following profile of FS95 (95% fructose):

  • a glycemic index at 11.93, the lowest one among the caloric sugars on the market, 
  • a slow body assimilation,
  • a glycemic peak 30% inferior if compared to glucose.  


Fructose benefits from an EFSA claim (June 2011, ID 558 : "the consumption of fructose generates a lower glycemic rate increase than the consumption of sucrose or glucose". 






The range FructiSweet® is adapted to dietetic and sport products

Fruits sugar applications by Nutrituis


- low glycemic index 

- reduction of the calorie load

- fruit sugars are slowly assimilated by the body, do not provocate a sharp increase of the blood sugar what avoid drained feeling. 

- it is adapted for isotonic drinks before exercizing. . 



The range FructiSweet® is adapted for biscuits:  


- biscuit spreading is better thanks to the sugar effect: the range FructiSweet® avoid an increase of sucrose adding (glucidic load as well as cracks phenomenon and black points are controlled). 
The range FructiSweet® is particularly adapted to non-alcoholic beverages, fruit juices and soft drinks
- reduction of the sugars quantity to reach the claim "reduced sugar". 
- end product texture improvement being a natural bulking agent: more body and more roundness, acidity correction and flavour enhancer ("low sugar content", "without added sucrose", "sugars coming from fruits").   
The range FructiSweet® is also adapted to fruit preparations for Yoghurts
- "light" yoghurts without altering texture with a content inferior to 5%. 
The range FructiSweet® can be perfectly integrated in fruit preparations and jams 
- fruit enhancer
- jams and fruit preparations reduced in sugars ("100% coming from fruits", "Light jam", "-30% of sugars"). 
For further information on FructiSweet® and FructiSweet® Original Fruit sugars , please contact us