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Grape skin extract E163    


Grape anthocyanins, which are natural pigments that belong to the polyphenols family, are extracted from the red grape skin. They offer various colour shades from bright red to purple. 

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The grape pomaces we collect - winemaking by-products - are naturally rich in anthocyanins and are coming from different French areas and grape varieties. The richness of this raw material allows us to produce unique and qualitative natural grape colouring. 


This know-how that we have been continuously improving for more than 20 years, meet the needs of the evolving world Food Industry. 


Our grape skin extracts E163 - exGrape® COLOR - are available in liquid and powder forms. They are water-soluble and alcohol-soluble to answer the requirements of a wide range of end-applications. We offer standard and tailored product qualities. 



natural grape colouring E 163

Our natural grape colouring exGrape® COLOR is coming from fresh grape pomaces which are collected on the Mediterranean edge. Then pomaces are processed in our 6 production plants in the Languedoc-Roussillon and Provence areas to obtain a liquid grape skin extract (GSE). 



Liquid extract of grape skin (Vitis Vinifera). 

The extraction process will preserve its high natural stability. 



natural grape colouring E 163Our natural grape colouring E163 is mainly used in the following applications:
  • Beverage & syrups, 
  • Dairy desserts, 
  • Ice creams & sorbets, 
  • Confectionnery. 




  • 1000 L IBC containers (1150 kg net)
  • 23 L drums (25 kg net)



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