Exgrape juice by GrapSud

Red grape juice concentrate


From selected red grapes, we produce red grape juice concentrates (>65 brix) in our plants in France and Spain. 


Widely used in the Food industry, it offers a real advantage due to its strong sweetening and colouring power. It is part of the colouring foodstuffs and allows manufacturers to keep a clean label without colouring additive among the list of ingredients.  




coloured juice concentrate by GrapSud

Our highly coloured juice concentrates exGrape® JUICE are obtained from carefully selected red grapes. 


Filtered and concentrated, they are microbiologically very stable and keep all their organoleptic, aromatic and colouring characteristics. 





Food industry: 

  • Fruit beverages and syrups
  • Fruit puree,
  • Flavours and dairy produce. 


Home wine making:

  • After dilution, you will obtain a grape juiceto drink as it is or to ferment (in accordance with local legislation).



  • Cistern (bulk)
  • 1000 L IBC container (1325 kg net)
  • 20 L drum (25 kg net)


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