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guillemet A range of polyphenols extracted from grape and olive, 100% French origin. guillemet 


GRAP'SUD is a pioneer in innovative products of diversification for the nutraceutical industry. Located at the heart of South of France and Champagne vineyards, GRAP'SUD benefits from wide collection areas with a 100% guaranteed French origin raw material. 


Our Research and Development team explores all the potential of grape and olive aiming at improving the quality of existing products and widening the scope of their applications. Red grape polyphenols (guaranteed content in anthocyanins), grape seed extracts rich in procyanidins as well as olive extracts standardized in hydroxytyrosol and tyrosol are supported by scientific and clinical studies. 


We are present in more than 45 countries;, GRAP'SUD keeps going along with its partners to go ever further.