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Grape seed extract


The grape seed extract standardized in polyphenols that GRAP'SUD manufactures is coming from white grape seeds collected in Champagne, France. Our standardized grape seed extract exGrape® SEED offers guaranteed contents in total polyphenols and oligomeric procyanidins. 

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What are Oligomeric Procyanidins (OPC)?

Oligomeric procyanidins, more commonly known as  OPC, are phenolic compounds found in grapes (more abundantly in seeds) with high antioxidant properties. Antioxidants are compounds known to neutralize free radicals. They have demonstrated their beneficial effects on human health. 


GRAP'SUD guarantees the quality of the grape seed extract exGrape® SEED thanks to a rigorous selection of the raw material and a unique natural process that keeps all the properties of the active principles. 


This know-how that we have been continuously improving for more than 20 years, meet the needs of the evolving world Nutraceutical industry. 


Our grape seed extract standardized in polyphenols exGrape® SEED is available in powder form. It is water-soluble to answer the requirements of a wide range of end-applications. We offer standard and tailored product qualities. 



grape seed extract by GrapSud

The grape seed that are necessary to manufacture our grape seed extract exGrape® SEED are collected exclusively in Champagne, France. We guarantee a total traceability, from the raw material to the finished product with a 100% French origin. 


Grape seed extract obtained by an extraction process that keeps all the properties of its active principles (Vitis Vinifera). 

Extract 100% coming from grape, without carrier. 


Grape seed extract applications by GrapSud

Our grape seed extract exGrape® SEED is mainly used for the following applications: 

  • Food supplements, 
  • Functional food, 
  • Functional drinks,
  • Cosmetics. 




  • ORAC Value


ORAC value by GrapSudORAC assay by GrapSud


  • Anti-free radical action


% inhibition rate by GrapSudExGrape Seed by GrapSud




  • 1 kg aluminium bag

  • 25kg cardboard box


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