Oenology products by GrapSud





guillemet The solution in oenology 100% coming from grape.  guillemet 


Thanks to a controlled procurement from the local wine growers combined with a recognized know-how, GRAP'SUD has developed 15 years ago a range of oenological tannins to offer a 100% grape solution to the French an European wine makers. Extracted from grape seeds or grape skin, our tannins has been designed to offer an indispensable product line extension to our partners for the wine making process.


GRAP'SUD is strategically located at the heart of the French Mediterranean vineyards and in the center of the largest wine growing area in Spain, La Mancha. Benefiting from wide collection areas, the quality of procurement remains the key element of GRAP'SUD to secure its production and deliver all its customers since 1982. The recent investments in its Spanish industrial facility led GRAP'SUD to the 1st rank of the rectified grape must concentrate producers in the Iberian peninsula. The total control on its products traceability allows GRAP'SUD to offer a guarantee on all the manufactured products.