Spirits Development


For nearly one century, our distilleries have been recognized for their production of brandies from grape marc and brandies from wine.

This legitimacy, flexible industrial facilities as well as an efficient technical team led the Grap’Sud Group to offer surfin alcohol for the development of spirits.


The Grap’Sud team accompanies you to develop tailored products:

  • The liquor-maker who is associated to Grap’Sud accompanies our customers in the creation of tailored spirits (Vodka, Gin, Anisette, ..).
  • The marketing team attends our customers for the development of tailored end-products (market studies, market positioning, packaging creation support, …). 


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Dealcoholisation service

From selected wines or spirits, we offer low pressure dealcoholisation service by a double heating process, in a closed circuit without external input. 


This physical treatment which preserves the product inherent properties aims at eliminating almost all alcoholic fractions, including ethanol. 


This treatment also preserves products which are sensitive to fortified taste and oxidation. 


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Concentration & Concentration/Rectification service

Concentration & Concentration/Rectification service by GrapSud

From your own selected grape musts, we offer a concentration and/or concentration/rectification service in order to make your own must concentrates and/or rectified must concentrates. 


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Filtration service

We offer service for must filtration.

Grapsud filtration facility


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Available dissolution service

We offer available dissolution service of our range of products exGrape TANNIN to facilitate integration and utilization in wine-making musts and wines.


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Extraction service

Our production plants are equipped with facilities for extraction or concentration on an industrial scale for compounds as sugars, polyphenols or essential oils.


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