Uncompromisingly 100% fruit preparations

Optimised texture, improved preservation, enhanced fruity taste. 


Our sugars extracted from fruits are ideal sweetener solutions for your jams, compotes and all fruit preparations. They enhance their texture, their taste and the fruity aromas as well for a much more delicious result. 


Jams, marmelades by GrapSudIn jams, marmalades and fruit desserts, reducing the calorie load and opting for the 100% from fruits label are challenges which require perfectly adapted, technical sweetener solutions to prevent fluid textures, short BBD or deceptive taste for the consumer. The FructiSweet and FructiSweet Original ranges will be adapted to each of your fruits to formulate recipes without compromise. They also enable the reduction of sugar content in your jams with no sacrifice of their sweet taste, all of this for a healthy pleasure! 



Fruit preparations by GrapSudThoroughly fruity!

Whether they are intended for dairy products, biscuits or cakes, your preparations convey the fruit image. Naturally, our fruit sweetener solutions with tailored carbohydrate compositions will meet your requirements in terms of texture, visual aspect and taste. FructiSweet and FructiSweet Original will increase the proportion of ingredients from fruits in the end product. 



Ultra naturalcompotes by GrapSud

FructiSweet enhances the fruit taste with very few sugars and a slow energy release, for snacks or desserts 100% from apples or 100% from fruits, balanced and appealing. 





The fruit origin, your natural guarantee

Natural origin, brand image and nutritional balance


Naturalness is a major axis of positive communication to reassure and appeal consumers. 


Dry biscuits and cakes by GrapSudThe FructiSweet Original range is particularly suitable for dry biscuits. As for cakes, the FructiSweet range allows the enhancement and preservation of a smooth texture by decreasing the Aw of the end product. 




Breakfast cereals, bars and snacks by GrapSud

It is possible to increase satiety, reduce the risk of hypoglycaemia and food cravings while decreasing the sugar content with FructiSweet 95 (95% fructose). FructiSweet 95 is a fruit sweetener of unique qualities, with a glycaemic index of 11.9 and a gradual release of energy associated with a high sweetness intensity. 



diet products by GrapSud

The sweetening power of our solutions enables the obtention of low-sugar food with reduced calorie intake without compromising the sweet taste and thus, preventing frustrating feelings. Our natural sugars are very slowly assimilated and do not entail sudden increase in glycaemia and therefore in insulinaemia which contributes to far storage. They strengthen the satiety feeling and thus enable to prevent food cravings. 




Soft drinks

More natural... and lower in sugar


Our fruit origin solutions are excellent sweeteners for natural, healthy beverages with low sugar contents: reassuring for mothers and delicious for children. 


Lemonades and flavoured waters by GrapSudThe unequalled purity of our sweetener solutions (transparent, colourless, odourless and without aftertaste) as well as their improved preservation and stability allow their integration in delicate beverages such as flavoured waters and clear lemonades. Free of sucrose, FructiSweet and FructiSweet 95 ranges prevent hydrolysis activity, so that the sweet taste remains stable in the end product even at room temperature. 



Juices and fruit beverages by GrapSudThe Ultra fruits !

With no preservative, no additive and 100% from fruits claims, the FructiSweet and FructiSweet Original ranges are ideal sweetening bases for your juices, your multi fruits and your fruit beverages.



Sports beverages by GrapSudBeverages with both high caloric load and low glycaemia index improve endurance thanks to the gradual release of energy with no insulin peal. The FructiSweet 95 range allows an energy intake with no risk of reactive hypoglycaemia which generally causes low-sugar slumps. 




Ice creams, sorbets and dairy desserts

A guilt-free pleasure! 


Gustative pleasure is the first of consumers' choice criteria. Now, they set other values as the use of noble ingredients, a simple and clear ingredients list as well as an adequate nutritional balance and pleasure without guilty feeling. 


Sorbets by GrapSudFructiSweet is particularly recommended for sorbets "100% from fruits" to optimise their sensory qualities. It decreases the freezing point for a melting texture and gives body, roundness and brightness to the preparation. It acts as an enhancer of fruity tastes and its sweetening power reaches a peak at low temperature (1.7 to 0°C). 



Glaces by GrapSudFructiSweet Original is recommended for a firm texture. On the contrary, the FructiSweet range ensures a softer texture. In both cases, you will improve the natural image of your preparations and simplify the ingredient list. 



Yaourts by GrapSudNutritis sugars enable you to gain claims such as Clean Label, thanks to the naturalness of their fruit origin and the simplification of your ingredient list. For example, FructiSweet Original replaces several ingredients (sugars, glucose-fructose syrup, dextrose, fructose) with its unique label "sugars extracted from fruits".