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Animal nutraceuticals


The Grap’Sud group now offers a complete range of characterised and standardised ingredients, the benefits of which are supported by re-updated scientific data, enabling them to be inserted appropriately into customers’ formulations.­ A significant component of our offer, the phenolic compounds benefit from many ­applications to improve the comfort of animals at different stages in their development.

A customised range of polyphenols for animal well-being.

25 years of expertise in plant extraction enable the Grap'Sud group to offer a range of characterized polyphenols, intended for the continuous improvement of animal well-being (Feed).

Grape extract

Dry grape extract, exGrape Feed is authorised as an additive (category 2b485) for animal feed. ­With this mixture of seed extracts and grape skins, the Grap’Sud group’s R&D service contributes to confronting the issues of animal performance and well-being.


  • Sensory additive (functional­ group: aromatic substances)
  • Can be used for all animal species (except dogs)

Grapeseed polyphenols

The grape seed extract titrated with polyphenols manufactured by the Grap’Sud group is produced from white grape seeds collected mainly in France.­ This standardised extract offers guaranteed content in total polyphenols and oligomeric procyanidins (OPC).

What are oligomeric procyanidins (OPC)­?

Oligomeric procyanidins, usually called OPC, are phenolic compounds found in grapes and possessing powerful antioxidant properties. The antioxidants, compounds that are known to neutralise free radicals, have amply demonstrated their beneficial effects on animal health.

Their quality is ensured by rigorous selection of the raw material and a unique natural extraction process that enables them to keep the properties of the active principles intact and to be entirely water-soluble.

Available in powder without a carrier, these polyphenols meet a growing global demand, in particular for the grape­ - which remains the main raw material sought -­ and can be adapted to our customers’ specifications.

The Grap’Sud group thus offers a range with a proportion:

  • of oligomeric procyanidins (OPC) from 10% to 40%
  • of total polyphenols (Folin method) above 55%


  • Feed supplements

Red grape skin polyphenols (Anthocyanins)

The Grap’Sud group is among the leading world specialists in the­ production of grape extracts titrated with anthocyanins. After 2 years of research into and analysis of the HPLC profiles and the ORAC value of the main red grape varieties in this region, the Grap’Sud group chose a combination of the red grapes with the highest anthocyanin concentration.

What are anthocyanins­?

Anthocyanins are natural colourings that are the source of the red, pink, blue and violet colours of many flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Today, more than 200 different anthocyanins have been identified and characterised in the plant world. They belong to a group of plant compounds called­ flavonoids, a sub-group of polyphenols. However, each fruit or plant has its own anthocyanin profile. The grapes from red varieties contain more than 15 monomeric anthocyanins, in varying proportions.

Standardised in anthocyanins and more substantially in polyphenols, this distinctive compound has a high antioxidant and anti-free radical potential. Available in powder form and naturally water-soluble, it can be standardised according to the wishes of the group’s customers.


  • Food supplements