Agro-industrial resources

Fully committed to the circular economy, the Grap’Sud group teams are constantly seeking new prospects for each of the industrial co-products.­ In this way, recovery and marketing sectors are being built up around new market opportunities, such as calcium tartrate which supplies the natural tartaric acid sector.

Moreover, a part of the raw vinous alcohols and the grape seeds is now recovered and marketed through a subsidiary shared by the principal French distilleries: Raisinor.

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Raw vinous alcohols

The raw vinous alcohols are obtained through continuous distillation of the grape marcs and meet the requirements of many industries. Their alcohol content is 92°.


  • Manufacture of second-generation biofuels ­(ED95)
  • Chemical, automobile, or pharmaceutical industries.

Grape seeds

Coming from grape marcs from the group’s various production sites, the seeds are extracted, separated, and then dried in order to be perfectly stored or packed in the optimal storage conditions.

Depending on their analytical profile, the seeds may be suitable both for the food industries and as a source of fuel.


  • Production of an oil that is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids for domestic consumption
  • Extraction of phenolic compounds after selection and according to the richness
  • Use as biofuel

Calcium tartrate

Calcium tartrate is obtained through extraction and transformation of the potassium bitartrate contained in the winemaking by-products:­ wine lees, grape marcs or tartar from tanks. Intended for the production of natural tartaric acid, its marketing is undertaken by the Union Nationale Inter-coopérative du Tartre (UNIT) of which the Grap’Sud group is a member.­ The process used enables a pulverulent product with a high tartaric acid content to be obtained.


  • Manufacture of tartaric acid
  • Chemical industries
  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Agro-food