Activities and markets

The Grap’Sud group’s distilleries, which have traditionally existed to process the co-products and then the surpluses from winemaking in alcohol production, have gradually diversified into the valorisation of agricultural co-products and the development of agro-industrial products.

Thus, since 1969, the Grap’Sud co-operative group has been developing, manufacturing and marketing agro-industrial products of various kinds.­ Our productions are divided into three strategic activity centres and are aimed at the group’s many international markets (38% of turnover in 45 countries).

  • Agro-resources destined for industrial bio-refineries and­ agricultural companies;
  • Solutions and ingredients developed for the agro-food industries;
  • Raw materials and additives destined for the nutraceutical market.

The development of new activities in edible products and animal nutraceuticals is evidence of this sustained search for new means of creating value.