Strategic commitments

The nature of our economic model implies a number of strategic commitments towards our economic and social eco-system.

  • Defending the co-operative model
  • Developing and promoting production in our regions
  • Participating in the management of our agricultural sectors
  • Innovating to help our customers succeed
  • Deploying our expertise internationally
  • Developing the human potential of our personnel.

Quality management

The food safety management system (complying with the ISO 22000 standard) of the Grap’Sud group works for the satisfaction of clients and member-suppliers and ensures continuous improvement.

Our Quality team thus ensures that our approach is dynamic and our systems, robust.

Sustainable development, our reality

Sustainable development is part of the intrinsic nature of our co-operative group.­ Through its activity of valorisation of the co-products from the winemaking sector, the Grap’Sud group has been working for more than 60 years in a virtuous circular economy approach.

That activity encompasses, in particular, the production of second generation bio-ethanol, the valorisation of its dry by-products in the production of steam in our biomass-fired boiler, the valorisation of moist by-products in agronomy and more specifically our members’ vines, and the valorisation of land through spreading, which provides fodder for the neighbouring livestock farms.

Since its creation, the Grap'Sud group has always adopted a proactive policy for the protection of the environment and the reduction of its impacts.­ That policy is especially reflected in constant optimisation of its processes and the desire to go still further in the valorisation of its by-products.

As the Grap’Sud group possesses sites that are classified for the protection of the environment, it complies with the French ICPE regulations in force and so is involved in: ­

  • the protection of water resources,
  • the prevention of atmospheric pollution,
  • the reduction and elimination of waste,
  • the prevention of noise pollution,
  • the limitation of impacts on the landscape,
  • the prevention of accidents and the promotion of well-being at work.

Through its co-operative model, the Grap’Sud group works with nearly 5,000 winemakers, thus contributing to the preservation of rural employment in France.­ Above and beyond the social aspect of its approach and strengthened by its capacity for innovation, the group is providing itself with the means to develop in France and internationally in order to perpetuate its activities and those of its members.