The Grap’Sud group distilleries, which are to be found in several national vineyards, have been treating the co-products from the wine-producing sector for more than a century.­ Controlled supply and rigorous selection of the raw materials enable us to provide monitored and standardised vinous alcohols all year round.

To do so, the Grap’Sud group possesses the necessary industrial plants with professions and skills distributed across its various production sites (distillation columns, stainless steel vats, analytical laboratories, etc.).

The quality of the alcohol offer thus stands out from the competition for the following reasons:

The Grap’Sud ­group has progressively developed its industrial equipment and expanded its distilled matters in order to provide an offer that is more attractive in terms of diversity and quality.

Raw vinous alcohols


The raw vinous alcohols come principally from the distillation of grape marc and wine lees. The continuous distillation process uses stainless-steel distillation columns enabling products to be obtained that comply with the strictest analytical criteria.­ Their alcohol content is 92° before the necessary rectification process.


Production of spirits of various kinds.

Extra-neutral vinous alcohol

Extra-neutral vinous alcohol, or surfin, is obtained by successive operations of continuous distillation and rectification of grape marcs and wine lees.­ The rectification process enables an alcohol to be obtained that is pure in ethanol and free from undesirable compounds, and thus meets the strictest of analytical criteria. The alcohol content is 96°.
These alcohols are also available in Organic Agriculture (certified by Ecocert certification n° FR-BIO-0 1EU agriculture).


  • Production of spirits
  • Mutage of natural sweet wines
  • Production of Carthagène
  • Production of mistelle and liqueur wine
  • A variety of uses in agro-food.

Wine spirits and wine distillates

The distillates and spirits are obtained by the continuous vacuum distillation of pre-selected wines.­ In accordance with the regulations in force, the Grap’Sud group offers wine distillates and spirits from French wine. Their alcohol content is a minimum 85°.


  • Production of brandies
  • Production of mistelle and liqueur wine