Edible products

Traditionally, the winemakers’ distilleries used to produce beverage alcohol and grapeseed oil for the winemakers who brought their winemaking matters.­ Thus, the Grap’Sud ­distilleries were especially known for the preparation of grape marc spirits or wine spirits (Fine du Languedoc).

Drawing on this authenticity and on its amassed expertise, the group has for several years been offering a new and modern range of winemaker’s spirits with a strong identity. To do that, it is fully equipped with:

  • Distillation columns
  • A development section
  • An analysis laboratory
  • Stainless-steel vats
  • Ageing cellars

Besides its own product lines, the Grap’Sud ­group also offers bulk alcohols and support for development of customised products.

GM, a range of winemaker’s spirits

In 2014, the Grap’Sud group decided to launch a new range of beverage alcohols under its GM brand -­ a marriage of traditional expertise, a vibrant regional identity and current consumer trends.­

The group can now offer a wide range of spirits based on alcohols produced from the winemaking raw materials:

  • a winemaker’s vodka
  • a Mediterranean gin (white and oaked)
  • a distilled anise spirit.

You can find our range of winemaker’s spirits on www.lagrappedemontpellier.com

In their quest for innovation, the development team is ceaselessly exploring new horizons for the vinous alcohols and the "Sud de France" identity.

Creation of recipes and development of customised finished products

The Grap’Sud group and its liqueur-making partners offer support in the development of spirits produced from neutral vinous alcohols.­ This concerns all the spirits where the base alcohol comes from a non-differentiated raw material (vodka, gin, anise spirits, crème, liqueur, vermouth,…)

The surfin vinous alcohols in particular enable the production of quality spirits, available in bulk.­ Besides the creation of recipes, the Grap’Sud teams offer a service of development and production of finished products under your brand and according to your specifications.­


GM, a range of winemaker’s products

Continuing the long tradition of the winemakers’ distilleries, Grap’Sud extracts and recovers the grape marc seeds which, after crushing, produce an oil that is digestible, rich in Vitamin E and especially resistant to high temperatures.


  • Seasoning, marinades, cooking, frying
  • Cosmetics
  • Massage oil