The main role of our co-operative group is still to ensure a service to the member co-operatives, enabling them to carry on their wine-producing activities as efficiently as possible.

Thus, in collecting, treating, and recovering the wine sector coproducts, the Grap’Sud group’s many sites ensure the depollution and the effective operation of the winemaking sector.­ The long-term commitment to our co-operative shareholders, and more broadly to our contributors, is the guarantee of constant availability of raw materials, intended to supply the group’s industrial processes.­

The Grap’Sud agro-industrial co-operative group represents more than 1,900 members and indirectly collects the co-products from almost 5,000 wine-producing structures which provide the raw materials necessary for our production units:

  • 85 000 to 100 000 tonnes of marc
  • 250 ­000 to 300 ­000 hectolitres of wine lees
  • 25 ­000 tonnes of lees fillers
  • 60 ­000 to 100 ­000 hectolitres of wine
  • 1 000 tonnes of olive water
  • 15 ­000 to 25 ­000 tonnes of fruit.

The special advantage of the co-operative model is that it guarantees complete traceability and constant availability for our agro-sustainable solutions.