GRAP'SUD is a union of cooperative distilleries specialised in the production and sale of products made from grapes. Strategically placed at the heart of a number of different winegrowing areas, sharing our resources and skills, we reap the benefits of exceptional supply conditions and continuously evolving technology.­

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It bases its growth on a strategy of conquering new markets. Our teams, working at the heart of the markets in France, Europe and worldwide, have built up special relationships with our partner companies, customers and distributors.­

GRAP'SUD is constantly investing in its production equipment and has set up stringent production processes accompanied by uncompromising quality control measures.­

Traditionally present in the winegrowing areas throughout southern France, GRAP'SUD also has a presence in Champagne and Alsace. GRAP'SUD has equally invested in a production facility in Spain.­­

GRAP'SUD is a union of 6­French cooperative distilleries strategically placed at the heart of­Languedoc-Roussillon and Provence vineyards:

  • CAP'SUD SCA, with its head office located in Rieux Minervois (Aude).
  • LA VAROISE SCA, with its head office located in La Crau (Var).
  • LA GARDONNENQUE SCA, with its head office located in Cruviers-Lascours (Gard).
  • LA GRAPPE DE MONTPELLIER, with its head office located in Montpellier (Hérault)

The union embraces wine growers who represent more than 7 million hectolitres of wine.

GRAP'SUD also counts as a member:


Grapsud locations in Europe

Wine growers entrust GRAP'SUD with their marcs, lees, wines and grape must in order to develop a multitude of products.

Their constant task is the guarantee of lasting collaboration and service.

NUTRITIS, new brand of the GRAP'SUD Group to widen the food market scope.

GRAP'SUD keeps going with its strategy of diversification and fruits repurposing through the acquisition of NUTRITIS in 2013. This strategical orientation permits to have access to new markets. GRAP'SUD positions NUTRITIS as a manufacturer of fruit juice concentrates and natural sweetening solutions for the Food market. NUTRITIS becomes a brand of reference of the GRAP'SUD Food division.­