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Agro-food centre

During the 1990’s, the distilleries from which the Grap’Sud group was formed began, each in their own way, to take major steps to diversify their activities.­ That approach, which is ongoing, is aimed at finding sources of growth:

  • whether by recovering even more compounds coming from grape co-products,
  • or by ­incorporating new activities with the aim of diversifying our offer within a circular economy approach, like the sweetening solutions, or a service to the suppliers with a range of oenological solutions,
  • but also in re-launching forgotten activities, in the style of our edible products offer.

With the expansion of the range, new requirements have appeared in terms of quality with the integration of the necessary certifications and also in terms of Research and Development, in order to give the best possible support to the products in their ever more varied applications in relation to the target sectors and countries.