MCR Sucraisin by GrapSud

Rectified grape must concentrate



Rectified Grape Must Concentrate by GrapSudThe Rectified Grape Must Concentrate MCR SUCRAISIN® is used for enrichment, sweetening and drawing off and shipping liqueur in oenology. Thanks to easy way of integration of MCR SUCRAISIN®, it is now recognized as a reliable product in he whole world. 


It is made from grape juice from which we extract all the non-sweetening compounds. After a demineralization and concentration process we obtain the rectified grape must concentrate MCR SUCRAISIN®. 


The GRAP'SUD Group has set a course of action to guarantee the quality of MCR SUCRAISIN®. Beyond the word quality, we conform to rectified grape must concentrate regulation and food safety legilsation to guarantee a non-adulterated product with none other exogenous sugars. 


It complies with Community regulation CE 479/2008.




  • Enrichment of musts,
  • Sweetening of wines and spirits,
  • Drawing off and shipping liqueur.


Possibility to offer this product with Organic farming certification (certified by Ecocert authorisation n°FR-BIO-01 agriculture EU).  



Grapsud packaging
  • bulk cistern,
  • 1000L container,
  • 60L drum,
  • 20L drum,
  • 10L drum.





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