Strategic values and visions

The 6 fundamental values of the group constitute the foundation of our identity and of our business culture.­ They are embodied in distinctive features that guide both our business plan and our daily actions:

The Grap’Sud group’s strategic vision reflects our aspirations and is a visualisation of the future to guide and mobilise our resources:

  • To be a recognised player in a sustainable­ player in the sector of valorisation of agricultural co-products­
  • To develop innovative and economically viable solutions for our strategic markets.

The activities of recycling and of recovery of the winemaking co-products carried out by the ­Grap’Sud group interlock completely in a circular economy, the objective of which is to produce goods and services in a sustainable way, limiting the consumption and the squandering of resources as well as the production of waste.

The group’s value chain thus reintegrates the grape marc, the wine lees and other co-products into new economic circuits in a perspective of green growth.­ All these actions are yours and can therefore enhance your own CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approaches.

For Grap'Sud, that activity includes in particular :

  • the production of second generation bio-ethanol,
  • the recovery of dry by-products for the production of steam in our bio-mass boilers,
  • the recovery of moist by-products for agronomy: ­organic amendments and fertilisers intended, in particular, for our contributors’ vines,
  • the valorisation of land through spreading (40 ha): production of fodder for livestock farming. ­

Since its creation, Grap'Sud group has always adopted a pro-active policy for the ­protection of the environment and the reduction of its impacts. ­That policy is especially reflected in constant optimisation of its processes and the desire to go still further in the valorisation of its by-products.