The other richness from grape & fruits

GRAP'SUD union is specialised, since 1969, in the manufacturing and sales of grape and olive by-products in order to answer the specific requirements of the following markets : Nutraceuticals, Food industry, Animal Nutrition, Oenology,  Agro-industries, Alcohol & Spirits.


NUTRITIS becomes a brand of reference of the GRAP'SUD Food division and offers a wide range of fruit juice concentrates as well as natural sweetening solutions coming exclusively from fruits. 

Nutritis natural sweetening solutions

6 production sites

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    • Rieux-Minervois (Aude)
    • Narbonne (Aude)
    • Pocancy-Champagne (Marne)
    • Cruviers Lascours (Gard)
    • La Crau (Var)
    • San Clemente (Espagne)

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