GRAP'SUD, with its head offie based in Cruviers-Lascours, owns in France: 


6 production plants

  • Aude: Rieux-Minervois, Conques sur Orbiel, Puichéric and Narbonne
  • Gard: Cruviers-Lascours
  • Var: la Crau


4 sites for storage and transit

  • Gers: Eauze
  • Hérault: Béziers
  • Aude: Ouveillan
  • Pyrénées Orientales: St Féliu d'Avall


1 financial holding

SAS Financière Grap'Sud, 100% owned by Grap'Sud, includes 4 subsidiaries.


4 subsidiaries

  • INOSUD SAS, for the manufacturing and sales of Natural Grape Sugar, Grape Juice Concentrates and Tartaric Acid for the wine making and food industries (Cruviers-Lascours, Gard)
  • ROMANN SAS, cooperative distillery (Sigolsheim, Haut-Rhin)
  • NUTRITIS SAS, for the collect and valorisation in a liquid fruit sugar form (fructose, glucose and sucrose packed in an individual form or blended on request (Cruviers-Lascours, Gard)
  • GSR CHAMPAGNE-ARDENNES SAS, cooperative distillery (Pocancy, Marne). 


GRAP'SUD also holds...

...a subisidiary in Spain, SL GARDOVIAL located in San Clemente (Castilla La Mancha), which produces Grape Sugar and Grape Juice Concentrate and treats 600 000 Hls of Grape must every year.