Polyphenols from grape  ExGrape Total a Grap'Sud brand for Polyphenols from grape
Grape seed extract (Procyanidins)  Grape seed extract ExGrape Seed
Anthocyanins and polyphenols     Anthocyanins and polyphenols ExGrape
Olive polyphenols          Olive polyphenols Olivex
Grape and olive extract    Grape and olive extract OleoGrape Total
Grape seed and olive extract   Grape seed and olive extract OleoGrape Seed


Food industry

Grape skin extract E163   Grape skin extract E163 ExGrape color
Grape juice concentrates   Grape juice concentrates ExGrape Juice
Wine extracts  
Lees essential oil  
Tartaric Acid  
Wine for vinegar making  
Wine concentrate  
Fruit sugars Fruit sugars Nutritis
Fructose from fruits Fructose from fruits Nutritis


Agriculture & Agro-industries

Calcium Tartrate  
Grape pulps  
Grape seeds   
Organic oil enrichment      Organic oil enrichment FertiRaisin
Organic fertiliser       Organic fertiliser FertiRaisin



Rectified must concentrate  Rectified must concentrate SucRaisin
Grape must concentrate  Grape must concentrate SucRaisin
Grape tannins  Grape tannins ExGrape


Alcohols & Spirits

Brut vinous alcohol – Phlegm: more than 92° alcohol content
Surfin neutral alcohol with vinous origin
Brandies & wine distillates 
Vodka made from grape marcs